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Comic Relief Radio

At Revived Radios we were recently asked to produce a custom radio for the retirement of their CEO Kevin Cahill.  We were happy to do this and it looks like Kevin was happy with the result.  Happy Retirement!



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Sound Waves in Orange


As a child of the seventies this fabulous orange fabric brought back some memories.  Our kitchen had wallpaper like this circa 1973.  I’m not sure I’d like my kitchen to look like that now but on this classic Roberts Radio it looks groovy baby.   See it at Revived Radios

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Roberts Radio Little Birds

This is a handsome 1990s vintage Roberts Radio R737 customised in Little Birds Oilcloth by Cath Kidston.  The Radio has been fully refurbished inside and out and is available at: revivedradios.com


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Stripes Company Roberts Radio


This funky oilcloth from The Stripes Company was just the job for our first customised Roberts Radio of 2016  See it here .


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Roberts Radio in Ardalanish Tweed from the Isle of Mull

We spent our summer holidays on the beautiful Isle of Mull off the western coast of Scotland. Whilst there we visited the Ardalanish Weavers www.ardalanish.com which can be found just behind the fabulous Ardalanish beach.  Situated on a farm they weave gorgeous tweeds using the wool from their own Hebridean sheep.  We were particularly taken with this tweed called Mull Granite which closely echoes the colours of the pink granite outcrops of the Ross of Mull.  We couldn’t resist bringing some back to re-cover this Roberts Radio – available shortly at www.revivedradios.com

IMG_1874 IMG_1869

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Roberts Radio in Cath Kidston Small Birds Oilcloth

As I’m a bit of a bird fancier I just couldn’t resist this fabulous oilcloth from Cath Kidston, although I’m not convinced of its ornithological exactitude.  It would be great for listening to Annie Nightingale don’t you think? www.revivedradios.comIMG_1835

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Cath Kidston Folk Paisley Roberts Radio


Cath Kidston fabric is tremendously popular and a great fabric to recover a peeling Roberts Radio in. Personally we prefer the less flowery patterns such as this Folk Paisley Oilcloth currently available to order from Revived Radios


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